Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What are you doing this summer??

This is what we are doing....

It's our summer fun list! I've seen this done in blog land for a couple years, but this is the first year I felt like the M's could appreciate it. At least M1 can. M1 thought of some pretty good things to do.
The complete list:
Go to the Zoo
Watch Fireworks
Ride a boat
Make a Tie Dye Shirt
See a parade
Go to the fair
Make homemade smores
have a cookout
Go to Kings Island
Go to World of Bounce
Visit the fire station
See a movie
Go to a festival
have a party
ride bikes
make homemade icees
fly a kite
go to the pool
shop at the flea market
see a baseball game
go on a walk
sleep in a tent
safety town
feed the ducks
ride a train
eat breakfast outside
drive remote control cars
make a lizard craft
go out for ice cream
sleep over at Mamaw & Papaw's
play with bubbles
play croquet
fly remote control plane
go on a truck ride
finger paint
play a soccer game in the backyard
eat popcorn
make an animal craft
have a picnic
go to Family Fun Night
School shopping
visit the library
run around outside
slip n slide
Go to Picnic w/ the Pops
catch lighting bugs
go to the horse races
swim lessons
eat food from our garden
go to the farmer's market
sidewalk chalk
have a potato sack race
start kindergarten
I hope we have time for everything! I'm worn out just thinking about it all!!


T Rex Mom said...

That's a lot but at least you know it won't be a dull summer. Post some photos of you doing some of those things.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm coming to the M house...that looks like a fun list!! : )