Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm as giddy as a school girl!!

Hubby got a new job!! Yep, he sure did, and I couldn't be more happy, proud, ecstatic, thrilled, excited, etc. He just got the call this afternoon, after 3 rounds of interviews, the second consisting of 5 different interviewers, he was unanimously picked as the final candidate, out of more than 150 candidates.

Did I mention I am proud of him?

Hubby has always worked for a non-profit organization, he truly does enjoy working there. He likes the people, he likes the work, he has a good heart and I think he feels like he makes a difference there. The problem is, it's non-profit, which means non-paying. Ok, they pay, just not very much. He was at the top, manager, can go no higher, will never make a higher salary. It was time to move on! And move on he is. He hasn't given his notice yet, so I can't say where he is going, or where he is leaving, but I can say it is a BIG DEAL. I don't think I have ever been more proud of him. It truly is a big deal to land a job where he did. I think anyone would feel both honored and accomplished to get a job where he is going.

What's that, you want a hint as to where he is going? Um...ok, it has the word The in the title!!

He has some theories about his current job, they were looking at ways to cut some costs so he is going to present some ideas to them that include letting him work part time, evenings and weekends, still doing what he does, but obviously for less money, which will be good for the organization, plus it will give us extra money. Although his salary and benefits at his new job are AMAZING, we are pretty far behind financially, and I hate having debt.

Did I mention how proud I am of my big hearted Hubby? Or that I am GIDDY!?!?! I'm currently doing the happy dance.!!

I don't have many pictures of Hubby, most of my pictures are of the M's. But here is a family picture of us last year at Brutus on Parade, at The Ohio State University. We are huge Buckeye fans. I think our whole family bleeds scarlet and gray. In fact, if you ask M1 what state he lives in he answers 'Go Bucks'. Yes M1, that's the state we live in alright!

And in other news, I mailed the very last payment to Children's Hospital today for (not-so) little M2. He is finally paid for, 15 months after he was born, and 13 months after he came home he is paid for. (kinda makes him sound like a car, huh?) Children's in Columbus is paid off, one month before we head to Children's in Cincinnati. Then, I'm sure a whole new round of payments will begin!Yes M2, it is time to put your arms in the air (and wave 'em like you just don't care) and cheer.

Do you want to do the happy dance with me?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I wonder what he was working on...

...when he fell asleep????

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The half...


Hubby did some house work a couple weeks ago, and I hadn't gotten around to sharing. He updated our half bath. It's your standard half bath off the main hall on the first floor. Obviously its the one the guests use, but my Mom uses it the most since she stays at our house with the boys while Hubby and I work everyday. M1 usually uses this one during the day too. Eventually I think we are going to put a half bath in the basement too (near the toy room), but not for a couple years.

Anyway, this bath was your standard builders bath. Oak light bar, oak square mirror, cheap silver water faucet and white walls.

Well it's not standard builders bath anymore!! Hubby painted it 'White Chocolate' and hung a new mirror and light, and replaced the faucet. Everything is Oil Rubbed Bronze now.
We even got Oil Rubbed Bronze, towel holder, soap dispenser and trash can. (And isn't this little guy adorable??)
And I love this vase and flower arrangement. The flowers and the bird were on clearance at Michaels. The vase is Longaberger Pottery. I knew the second I saw it that it would fit perfectly right there.I've had this plan in the works for quite some time, all the ornaments, including the gold bird were bought at clearance at Target. I couldn't find any black Christmas bulbs, so I bought clear ones and just painted the insides!! They look great in the glass jar. The black bowl is Longaberger Pottery as well. I usually use it as a candy dish for Halloween, but decided to use it to decorate in here. No sense in it sitting in a box when it's not in use. It looks cuter sitting on my shelf!

These cute little things are from Kohl's~$5!! Can't beat that!! I love them, and I'm thinking about getting a couple more! I think they are made of resin, they are heavy and textured!
The towels are a dark brown, light brown and black stripe, and the rugs are a dark brown also from Target.
I love the way it turned out, although the pictures don't do it justice. Now my Mom and our guests can visit a stylish bathroom!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nope, Not Me

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not donate a quilt to Kelley for her to put in her silent auction for a really great cause. I also did not wait until the absolute last second to get it done and sent to her. Nope not me, I am so not a procrastinator, especially not for something as important as this!!

I did not spend way too much time on line trying to get ideas for VBS crafts. Nope not me, I can think of VBS Crafts quickly and efficiently!!

I did not take M2's church cloths off in the middle of the restaurant yesterday so that he could feed himself lunch without getting his church clothes messy. I also did not put the extra play clothes that I had in the diaper bag on him after lunch so that if he fell asleep on the way home he wouldn't be sleeping in his church clothes. I am so not that obsessed with church clothes staying nice.

I did not make stromboli for dinner and then decide that the whole house smelled terrible because of it and then light every candle in the house to get rid of the smell.

I am not blogging while watching Hubby unload and reload the dishwasher. Nope not me, I never skip on doing house work!!

I did not call Mamaw and Papaw Saturday afternoon and ask them to go get M1 from Hubby to give him a break. I had to go to my part time job, and M1 was in 'one of those moods' and was STRESSING US OUT!! That never would have happened. We are good parents and would never need to pon our oldest off on someone.

So what about you? Not do anything this week?

Friday, June 19, 2009

15 Months

This little guy is 15 Months old. It just doesn't seem possible!! M2 and Eeyore leaving the drs office.

He had a well child visit this morning, he's 24pds 10oz and 31 3/4in long. Yep, he's a big boy. After going through 6 months of the RSV shots he doesn't really like to go to the dr. For those of you that's never had to take a baby to have RSV shots, the shots are huge. I don't know the equations used to figure the dosage but I do know it goes by weight. The first 4 months that he got the shots he had two huge syringes, the last two months it went to 3 syringes. They aren't the little syringes like what the Hep and Dtap are in, they are the big guys!!

As soon as we got to the elevator he knew where we were. I was holding him and his grip tightened before we even got to the office. As soon as he saw the nurse he started whimpering and crying. Hubby and the nurse had to pry him off of me just to get his height and weight. He did ok when Dr. F came in, but screamed and cried when she started the exam. Hubby had to hold him down for most of it. I felt so bad for him, he was sooo upset. I really think the RSV shots put him over the edge!

Anyway, she said he looks fine and he's growing well. She asked what his favorite food is. I told her he loves green beans, pizza and oyster crackers, and he hates hot dogs and apples.

She asked how he communicated with us, and if we have ran into any difficulty. I told her I had a sign language book and that I tried that but he didn't seem interested. She wasn't concerned. I told her we always know what he wants and that he can say some words by talking 'around' his trach. Some of the words he can say are: Mama, Dada, hi, bye, Papaw and Hailey (our old dog). I think he can say his nickname too (he won't be able to say his name for a while, M1 still can't say M2's name very well)!! She seemed impressed and said he's able to say almost as much as a 'normal' 15 month old. I do think he is trying to say other things that we just can't understand yet, and he imitates a lot of different sounds.

As I told the dr. these are some of the other ways he communicates to us as well:

~For a drink of milk: hits front of fridge
~For a drink of water: hits front of kitchen sink
~For a meal: hits high chair
~For a snack: goes into pantry, usually points or brings out the oyster cracker container
~For a diaper change, brings the diaper to us (I think he will be potty trained why sooner than his brother was!!)
~If he wants to go outside: he brings his crocs to us.
~If he's tired and wants to go to bed: pulls the sides of his hair
~If he wants picked up: reaches to us.
~If he wants to watch tv: he brings the remote to us.

So for the time being, even if he can't talk to us, he can still communicate to us. It's a 'normal' for us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not make a new IRL friend who happens to have 2 little girls the same age as my little boys, live in the same small town as us, and enjoys some of the same activities as me!! She also was not one of M2's NICU charge nurses.

Me and my new IRL friend did not go scrap booking on Saturday night from 6p-12a. Leaving our Hubby's at home with 2 children each! Nope, Not us!!

I did not wipe M2's filthy feet and dirty face down with a wet wipe before putting him to bed last night. Nope, not me, I would never put a dirty baby to bed without a bath!!!

I did not strap both boys into their car seats and run them to the store Saturday morning as soon as they got up so that I could get back home and to work by noon. I also did not feed them breakfast in the car. Not me, we sit down at the table, together as a family for all meals.

I am not thinking of every excuse possible to get out of my future sister-in-laws wedding shower that just happens to be held at Hubby's ex girlfriends house. Nope, not me, I would never want to give my in laws more reasons to hate me, they clearly have enough already!!

I did not feed M1 PBJ on wheat bread for 2 meals yesterday. We always have balanced and nutritious meals at our house.

What did you not do this week?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My hometown...

I signed up to participate in Shannon's My hometown Swap. The idea is to send things that represent your hometown.

I sent stuff more from the closestbigcity than my hometown, I mean, I do live in Ohio. Home of The Ohio State Buckeyes, Anthony Thomas Chocolates, Bath and Body Works, and Cheryl's cookies. Any idea what I sent?

Now, on to what I got...

I got my stuff from Jennifer, she lives in Jacksonville.... and went the flowery/beach route.
Hubby planted the flowers last night.... Anything to keep him busy....
Those refresh things go in the vents on your car. My whole car now smells like a pina colada. uuummmmmm...yum!
I figure this will be our new 'grill' plate. You know the plate that the cooked food comes in from the gill on.....Which reminds me, I have to come up a dinner plan tonite.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm bored

Like out of my mind bored. Like can't keep my eyes open bored. I've got nothing to do at work. Nothing. I couldn't even tell you the last time I got an email or phone call. Do you know how hard it is to get up every morning and sit at desk for 8 hours with nothing to do? Seriously?

I've applied for every possible job I could find, I've been to every website I can possibly think of and I'm still bored. Hubby says eventually I will get a pop up window on my computer saying I've reached the end of the internet.

The sad part is I have so much to do at home that it is killing me to be at work. Its like one extreme to the other. I've got a crap load of projects started, a house to clean, laundry to put away, and M's to love on. Yet I'm stuck at work with nothing to do but count down the minutes until 5pm.

Man this sucks!