Friday, June 19, 2009

15 Months

This little guy is 15 Months old. It just doesn't seem possible!! M2 and Eeyore leaving the drs office.

He had a well child visit this morning, he's 24pds 10oz and 31 3/4in long. Yep, he's a big boy. After going through 6 months of the RSV shots he doesn't really like to go to the dr. For those of you that's never had to take a baby to have RSV shots, the shots are huge. I don't know the equations used to figure the dosage but I do know it goes by weight. The first 4 months that he got the shots he had two huge syringes, the last two months it went to 3 syringes. They aren't the little syringes like what the Hep and Dtap are in, they are the big guys!!

As soon as we got to the elevator he knew where we were. I was holding him and his grip tightened before we even got to the office. As soon as he saw the nurse he started whimpering and crying. Hubby and the nurse had to pry him off of me just to get his height and weight. He did ok when Dr. F came in, but screamed and cried when she started the exam. Hubby had to hold him down for most of it. I felt so bad for him, he was sooo upset. I really think the RSV shots put him over the edge!

Anyway, she said he looks fine and he's growing well. She asked what his favorite food is. I told her he loves green beans, pizza and oyster crackers, and he hates hot dogs and apples.

She asked how he communicated with us, and if we have ran into any difficulty. I told her I had a sign language book and that I tried that but he didn't seem interested. She wasn't concerned. I told her we always know what he wants and that he can say some words by talking 'around' his trach. Some of the words he can say are: Mama, Dada, hi, bye, Papaw and Hailey (our old dog). I think he can say his nickname too (he won't be able to say his name for a while, M1 still can't say M2's name very well)!! She seemed impressed and said he's able to say almost as much as a 'normal' 15 month old. I do think he is trying to say other things that we just can't understand yet, and he imitates a lot of different sounds.

As I told the dr. these are some of the other ways he communicates to us as well:

~For a drink of milk: hits front of fridge
~For a drink of water: hits front of kitchen sink
~For a meal: hits high chair
~For a snack: goes into pantry, usually points or brings out the oyster cracker container
~For a diaper change, brings the diaper to us (I think he will be potty trained why sooner than his brother was!!)
~If he wants to go outside: he brings his crocs to us.
~If he's tired and wants to go to bed: pulls the sides of his hair
~If he wants picked up: reaches to us.
~If he wants to watch tv: he brings the remote to us.

So for the time being, even if he can't talk to us, he can still communicate to us. It's a 'normal' for us.


T Rex Mom said...

He is a big boy! Weighs more than T Rex at 18 months! T Rex was on steroids for asthma so that probably explains his smallness.

I love how M2 communicates. Our little one does that too - he'll go into the pantry and start foraging around for food and we know it's time for a meal. I just love this age!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

OK...I had a giggle with the diaper change and bringing you the diaper.

I'm glad your visit went well!

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Caitlin said...

What a smarty pants to develop all of those impromptu signs!