Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The half...


Hubby did some house work a couple weeks ago, and I hadn't gotten around to sharing. He updated our half bath. It's your standard half bath off the main hall on the first floor. Obviously its the one the guests use, but my Mom uses it the most since she stays at our house with the boys while Hubby and I work everyday. M1 usually uses this one during the day too. Eventually I think we are going to put a half bath in the basement too (near the toy room), but not for a couple years.

Anyway, this bath was your standard builders bath. Oak light bar, oak square mirror, cheap silver water faucet and white walls.

Well it's not standard builders bath anymore!! Hubby painted it 'White Chocolate' and hung a new mirror and light, and replaced the faucet. Everything is Oil Rubbed Bronze now.
We even got Oil Rubbed Bronze, towel holder, soap dispenser and trash can. (And isn't this little guy adorable??)
And I love this vase and flower arrangement. The flowers and the bird were on clearance at Michaels. The vase is Longaberger Pottery. I knew the second I saw it that it would fit perfectly right there.I've had this plan in the works for quite some time, all the ornaments, including the gold bird were bought at clearance at Target. I couldn't find any black Christmas bulbs, so I bought clear ones and just painted the insides!! They look great in the glass jar. The black bowl is Longaberger Pottery as well. I usually use it as a candy dish for Halloween, but decided to use it to decorate in here. No sense in it sitting in a box when it's not in use. It looks cuter sitting on my shelf!

These cute little things are from Kohl's~$5!! Can't beat that!! I love them, and I'm thinking about getting a couple more! I think they are made of resin, they are heavy and textured!
The towels are a dark brown, light brown and black stripe, and the rugs are a dark brown also from Target.
I love the way it turned out, although the pictures don't do it justice. Now my Mom and our guests can visit a stylish bathroom!!


Cammie said...

very pretty! Can you send him my way?

Carin said...

That looks so great. I love the faucet and all the oil rubbed bronze fixtures!

T Rex Mom said...

Lovely - I would certainly use your half restroom!

Sturgmom said...

Great job! It looks awesome!

Becky said...

Lovely!! And that cute little model is not bad either :)

Delightful Dwelling said...

I love it! I'm in the middle of a bathroom makeover and I'm planning on using bronze fixtures too.