Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DR. F Rocks!!

I love the M’s pediatrician, she is a wonderful person. We’ll call her Dr. F.

Dr. F wasn’t supposed to be our pediatrician, we were supposed to go to another Dr. in the practice but she was on call the night M1 was born so she was the Dr. that did the first assessment on him. I remember my Mom coming in my hospital room the morning after M1 was born; she said a Dr was in the nursery looking at him. My mom told me she was holding M1 and talking to him, and she had never seen a Dr look at a baby the way she was looking at M1.

So Dr. F came in my room a little later and introduced herself. She said she knew she wasn’t M1’s pediatrician; she was just on call from the practice, but that she would like to be if we would be willing to switch to her. Lady, if you want to take care of my kid that bad, he is yours!

We have since moved (see previous post) from our old house and we now live about 45 mins away from Dr. F’s office. But we love her and I just can’t take the boys to anyone else. I am so glad that I made the decision not to change pediatricians.

So Dr F. and her ‘team’ had decided M2 needs to get the Synagis injections, these can prevent RSV. This treatment is extremely expensive, about $2000 a shot. He will need 1 shot a month from October to March/April. Preapproval has to be received from the ins. co. I was not concerned, we have really good ins. (props to my employer on that). Last week as we were there for both boys (yep, both at once) wellness exams, Dr. F tells me the ins. co. declined the treatment for M2. I was SHOCKED, they usually cover so much. I became scared, almost terrified. I am terrified he will get pneumonia and RSV is a cause of pneumonia. Yep, I became terrified. But God Bless Dr. F, she tells me she is rolling up her sleeves and she was going to call the ins. co. personally, she was ready to do battle. M2 would get those shots, not to worry.

Yesterday I received an approval letter for Synagis in the mail from ins. co. M2 will get the shots. God Bless Dr. F, she rocks.

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