Friday, September 26, 2008


We moved to a new house in February. Thank GOD! I mean it, THANK YOU. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about how thankful we are that we moved. Our old neighborhood was a little rough (and going down hill fast).

This morning M2 woke up early and I was sitting on the couch feeding him, watching the news and there, on the TV screen is a picture of our old house. There it was, right there. The news anchor was reporting LIVE from our old street. A shooting, 2 wounded, 1 dead. On our old street!! In front of our old house.

I loved that house, I cried when we but it up for sale. It was our first house. We (by we I mean my Hubby and my parents) worked so hard on the house. Every last bit of that house had been touched by us, our personality was everywhere in that house. We had parties there. We watched football there, Christmases and July 4th's were celebrated there. We went Trick or Treating there. M1 was conceived there (M2 was conceived on vacation, another story, another time), M1's birthday parties were held there. I loved that house!! But today, today I am thankful that we moved.

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