Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Career Change

So, I'm a stay at home Mom now. Oh, did I forget to mention I quit my job? You knew that I hated my job, right? Yea, so I quit. Not like 'Oh hey Mr Boss Man, I'm going to give you a two week notice that I'm going to leave this fabulous company and stay at home with my beautiful boys'. No it was more like 'F#*@ You, here's my key!' Yea I literally cleaned out my desk and threw my key on my desk and walked out. Just call me a rebel. Mommy of Ms the rebel.
That's me. That is until the bills come rollin in, then you can call me terrified.

So forgive me for not blogging for what 3 weeks? I haven't figured out this stay-at-home mom-thing. I mean in my mind I thought I would have so much more time and would get so much more done, but that so isn't true. I have less time and get less done. I don't get it. When on earth do you blog?? Before I quit my job I blogged at work!

So anywho I have lots to post about, I just haven't figured out when to post. Bear with me while I figure out a time schedule. I'll probably figure it out right before I find a new job. Assuming I find a new job!!


T Rex Mom said...

You'll have to keep us posted how you like being at home and how the transition is working for you.

You must be happier not going to work when it caused you so much unhappiness.

Be well and when you have time (I totally hear you) post some updates.

I'll be thinking of you in the mean time.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I know you're still trying to get your feet planted in the stay at home mom thing, I have to say--I'm proud of you!

Have you thought about doing some pre-planned posts? You can set them to auto post throughout the week. You can blog in the evening, set it to post the next day (I do that...and I don't even have kiddo's yet!).

Caitlin said...

Wowie! What a stud to just walk out of that job you hated! You go girl! I always wonder how working moms can still blog- since I barely can and I don't even work! Glad to hear that it is tough for other stay-at-home moms too!