Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hubby is so nice...
These were delivered to my office today (Friday)...
Aren't they beautiful??

I LOVE THEM!! We usually don't spent money on stuff like this. We have a NO CARD rule, they are such a waste of money. No Cards, EVER. Flowers usually fall under that rule too, b/c let's be honest, they are just going to die.

But Hubby broke the rule and sent me flowers. And I think I turned into a giddy school girl. How exciting!
After going upstairs to check on the boys, I return to the kitchen to find this:

White rose petals...I didn't even have my roses home for 4 hours!

I BLAME HIM.... He's Hubby's cat, and he's BAD! He sleeps on my head at night. All night, every night. Did I mention he's bad? His name says it all. It's Killer. Yes. Killer. And he's bad, did I mention that?

I sat out the Valentines for the loves of my life... My boys, after everyone went to bed.

M2's gifts....

M1's gifts...

Hubby's gifts...

We are going to take the boys out for breakfast in the morning. Probably either Frish's or Waffle House.

After breakfast my Dad is coming over to help Hubby. They are turning my first floor laundry room into a mud room. More on that later.


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Julie said...

Beautiful flowers...naughty kitty, but he's so cute :)

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