Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Night's car ride

Last night we took the boys to the Columbus Blue Jackets game, we go pretty frequently, and the boys always have a good time. M1 was pretty excited to go as we have been telling him for a couple of days if he behaved himself we would take him. He's been have some, 'behavioral issues' lately. Ahem.

So Hubby and I run home after work, change and load up the boys to head on our way to the game. M1 is pretty talkative. Like never shuts up talkative, like talks in his sleep talkative, like I usually don't really listen to him when he talks talkative. But last night in the car Hubby was driving and M2 fell asleep (not really sure how with his loud mouth brother flappin' his jaws) so I listened to him. The following is the conversation (conversation is a loosely termed word here) that took place on the way to the game.

M1: Which way is Hockey game, that way or that way? (pointing left and right)
Me: It's to the left.
M1: On innersate (interstate)?
Me: Ye-
M1: Oh boy, Oh boy we gonna see lots of trucks on innersate, this same way we go to church, I sure do love getting on great big innersate so I can see trucks. Daddy, woohoo, Daddy there is carrier truck follow that carrier truck, where his he going, see him Daddy, follow carrier truck.
Daddy: I can't M1 he is-
M1: Daddy you aren't following carrier truck, where is he going?, Hey look that truck , Daddy catch that truck.

This all happened while we were at the light to turn onto the on ramp, 'carrier' truck was getting off the interstate.

M1: HEY LOOK, what's the sign say, it sure is getting dark, glad they have those lights on, Daddy see that truck catch him, hey look that bike, he sure going fast, vrooooommmmm, is it raining, I don't want get wet, hey where's that truck going I think he going to baseball game (truck getting on the off ramp near baseball fields) can we go baseball game, I sure do like baseball game, hey truck wait us-
Me: M1 there is no baseball game tonight, he's (truck) not going to the baseball field, just past it-
M1: Truck, come back, my Mommy said there no baseball game night, TRUCK, come with us, my Mommy, Daddy take me my Baby M2 to hockey game, are we there yet? Can we have popcorn, I sure do like popcorn (rubbing his belly) I eat my hotdog I eat my popcorn, hey Baby M2, what you having? M2? Mommy, M2 have his eyes closed you think he napping? Daddy we there yet? I sure am hungry I need eat my hotdog my popcorn Hey look those lights on building, I think it raining Why we slow down, we almost there Daddy?
Daddy: Yes M1 we are almo-
M1: Yipee, Mommy, Daddy say we almost there hey where guy walking to, OH GUY, Hockey game not that way, Hockey game this way, hey look that guy going get wet, hey look that little car where he going?Why we stopped. Daddy, go we have get Hockey game I need eat my hotdog my popcorn
Me: M1 we are at a red ligh-
M1: Hey Daddy where we goin park? Hey look there police guy, hey police guy my mommy, daddy take me my Baby M2 to Hockey game, hey police guy, woohoo police guy, it raining you goin get wet you better go inside, see that big building right there that where they play hockey it dry in there you go in there get dry you get wet out here, hey look there 'nother police guy, why he in middle of street, hey police guy get out street, hey Mommy, police guy need safey vilation (Safety Violation, Thank you, Lou & Lou of the Safety Patrol) for playing in street, hey look that bike vvvvrrrroooommm, he got 2 people on him, I bet they getting wet, you think they going hockey game, you think we see blimp in hockey game? Oh Blimp come out come out where ever you are, I going Hockey game I need see you, Blimp? BLIMP?, you going be in Hockey game, Mommy I bet he in there waiting on me, hey Daddy where we goin' park
Daddy: We're going in-
M1: Oh goody, Mommy, Daddy going in park garage we leave your truck in there when we at hockey game, I sure am glad we here I ready go in Hockey game, Hey Baby M2, you need wake up, it's time go in hockey game, Baby M2, Mommy put that thing on her back she goin carry you on her front, M2 you need wake up now, hey who goin get me out my seat I need go in Hockey game eat my hotdog my popcorn, hey Mommy woohoo Mommy whose goin come get me out, I sure do love going Hockey game, Oh, thank you Daddy getting me out my seat, there lvator (elevator), let's go that way we got get out garage....

Ok, so you get the picture, that was just the car ride to the game, no more than 10 mins from our house I'm sure you can guess from the above what the walk to the Arena was like. Hubby and I popped some headache meds and drowned them with some Mt Dew and watched the game with our boys. Oh yea, and the Jackets won!


Aileigh said...

Too funny! I am sure it wasn't for you guys, though. He sounds like a talker! :) I love how he is so concerned with everyone and everything!

Caitlin said...

Hahaha! Man, I almost got a headache just reading it! I bet I would go a little glassy-eyed if Joseph talked that much!
Some day you will be glad that you wrote this all down!

Tiffany said...

I've got a kid who talks like that. And sings. All the time. He's funny, but it wears us all out at times.

I left you an award on my food blog!

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