Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog Fart Fridays...

~ I made a facebook account, I didn't even have it for 24 hrs and Hubby's family started driving me crazy with it. I think I'm going to close it.

~I LOVE my new blog design and layout!! Thanks to everyone's input last Friday.

~I am working on opening an etsy shop. I've got my profile set up and can't wait to get the shop together. I heart* etsy. *That would have been so much cuter with an actual heart there.

~Prison Break returns tonite!! At 8, oh I am so excited I love me some Wentworth Miller. *drool*

~Spring cleaning starts tonite at 6:30, and I am excited. I'm also certain that Hubby feels the same way. (insert devilish grin and giggle here) Although we will have to break from spring cleaning from 8-9 so I can drool (Read: Watch) Wentworth Miller in Prison Break.
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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm with you! I can't WAIT to spring clean this weekend. : )

Anonymous said...

I want to scrub down my deck, but maybe I should wait a couple more weekends? It just now hit 60. But the inside of my house totally needs a good spring cleaning!

Caitlin said...

Have fun spring cleaning! (IS that an oxymoron?)
I love your blog layout!
And what are you going to sell on etsy? I can't wait to see! I'm an Etsy ADDICT!

HAve a great weekend!

Shannon said...

I have a FB account... but I rarely log into it. I just don't get it... I'd rather blog!

Wentworth Miller... oh, he's dreamy!