Friday, April 10, 2009

Brain Fart Friday.....

Does anyone know where to by those baby leggings? I want to get some for M2 before he goes in for his airway reconstruction surgery.

M2 got his LAST RSV shot yesterday. He was supposed to be done in March, but the RSV percentage for our area was really high so his AMAZING PEDIATRICIAN wanted him to have it for one more month. If his trach is out before next October he shouldn't have to get the shot next RSV season. The shot has to be given every 30 days from October to March. It's VERY expensive, about $2,550... per month.

I'm going to make SOMETHING and donate to
Kelly for her 3 day walk for Breast Cancer. I just can't decide what yet. Either way, I am SUPER excited to help out with GREAT cause.

I want to change my blog to 3 column, anyone have an EASY code for that?

I just realized I am very close to 100 posts....I'm thinking... GIVEAWAY. Wait, why do WE give things away when WE hit 100 posts?? Shouldn't stuff be given to US? Ahem.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!

Sorry, I couldn't have a post without a picture!! But you knew that right?

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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I don't know about the leggings. I wonder where MckMama got her's for Stellan? Hummmm....

As far as the 3 column blog, you can find those on Cutest Blog on the Block (that's where I got mine). I had to play with the margins a bit (did a Google search to find it) because it was a little squished. But it works.

And WHOO! So excited about you helping us out! : )

Cammie said...

Baby Legs....I have seen them at teh Target by Easton

Anonymous said...

I just learned about RSV a few weeks ago. 2 of the mom's at church had their babies (around 10 months old) come down with it, and the one mom was really scared her newborn would get it. I had no idea there is a shot--or that it costs over $2,000! Holy crap! I hope your babies are doing okay.

For your 3 columns--send an e-mail to Lex over at Indelible Creations (her button is on my blog). She's a sweetie and will help you out.

T Rex Mom said...

I purchased our legging on Etsy - Knotty Baby Leggs - very nice and relatively inexpensive and homemade.

Love the bunny photo. The boys actually look pretty happy.

Three column - I used blogger templates under layout this I don't have the cute designs that you do but it probably has something to do with layout. Wish I could be of more assistance.

Looking forward to that 100th post. I've seen some folks just do 100 facts about themselves.

perpstu/Poppingbubbles said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hi! Your blog is great, I love the randomness of your Friday post!

Caitlin said...

I agree- I think you should get 100 presents! :)
I have gotten Babylegs at Target, and also some on Etsy. (
Just do a search for baby leg-warmers

Tiffany said...

Congrats on getting close to 100 posts. I just hit that on Eat at Home, but really did nothing to celebrate it. If I ever get there on Poetry and Hums, I might do something.

I'd like to try a 3 column blog design too. Actually, I'd like a blog makeover, but so far I'm too cheap to pay to do it and too tech challenged to do it myself.

great Easter photo!

Melissa said...

I had NO idea that the RSV shots were that expensive! Wow. And the Easter bunny photo is too cute! I also have an award for you.