Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Card Attempts

Sarah at Real Life is hosting a Christmas Photo Bloopers Carnival. So I thought I would join in.

We have lots of extended family that we only see once or twice a year. This Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided not to leave town (it's RSV Season and germs are a plenty), so we weren't going to see any of the extended family. So for the first time I decided I was going to send picture cards of the M's for Christmas Cards!!

Why is it so difficult to take a good picture of two little boys? It should not be that difficult right?

M1, leave your brothers head alone.

M1, quit playing with your reindeer and look at Mommy.

M2, don't crawl to Daddy, yes he's funny, he is supposed to be making you smile.

M1, stop playing with the truck ornaments and sit down.

M2, stop crawling away!

Finally, after about 50 (seriously, not kidding, 50!!) takes and 3 evenings, we finally got a usable picture!! 45 mins at Walmart and we had Christmas Cards!!

Why was this so difficult??


Caitlin said...

Love it! We gave up on family pictures this year, after about 25 failed attempts, and no good ones! I love the one where M2 is crawling towards his Daddy with a BIG SMILE!

Lori said...

Your boys are so cute!
I am a Mom of two M's (boys) also and
two K's(girls) :)