Monday, December 8, 2008

Snoppy Snow Cone Machine

Whoever designed this should be shot. Seriously.

M1 like ice, A LOT. My company has a crushed ice machine so I bring him home a cup of ice from work a couple nights a week. He sits at the table and eats it, it's actually pretty entertaining.

Dude, it's just ICE.

So I bought the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine for him for his 3rd Bday. He was pretty overwhelmed with the party and all the presents so I put this in the pantry and thought we would pull it out when there was nothing else to do. Well, he went Number 2 in the big potty for the first time the other day so we pulled this out to make snow cones as a reward. (After of course several hugs, kisses, high 5's and happy dances).

The snow cone machine sucks. I didn't make the kool aid/coloring b/c I'm kinda a neat freak, and I don't really like messes and that stuff stains. But my goodness it took FOREVER to grind up ONE ice cube. I mean I don't work out or anything but my arms aren't that weak!! We made the stupid things 3 days ago and my arms still ache. My left hurts from pushing the stupid Snoppy down, and my right hurts from turning the stupid knob. Whoever designed this should be shot. Seriously.

And more importantly, why did my parents not worn me about this stupid thing? I had this exact toy when I was little, surely they remember the pain they felt in their arms from making snow cones..

I have decided that all future snow cones will be made with this:

Yes, it is an ELECTRIC chopper.

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Melissa said...

That's too funny! I had that same snow cone machine when I was little too! I remember begging my mom and grandma to make me a snow cone because there is no way a child can do it. They always came up with some kind of excuse and I never knew why!

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