Thursday, December 4, 2008

Preschool... The first day.

My baby started preschool this morning (sniffle, sniffle). He's growing up and I'm not sure I like it. His little girlfriend is in the same class as he is (which is probably not a good idea). Her mother (her father and I were close friends in college) works part time in the evenings and since I work full time during the day she has graciously offered to take M1 to preschool with her. That's how he is able to go. It's not full time preschool but it's enough to get him used to being out of the house. I think he will really enjoy preschool. He just started Sunday School a couple months ago and does fine, but we are just in the next room while he is there. During preschool my husband and I will be at work, so he will be relying on his future MIL. (HA)

He was up early this morning with his back pack ready to go. By early I mean 6am. That's a full hour before I was planning on getting up. (Yawn)
I usually don't let him leave the house in sweatpants, but they have to be fully potty trained to go to preschool. He is, however he can't snap his jeans and usually needs help. They don't help them at preschool. And he is SO FREAKIN' SKINNY that his 18 month jeans still fit him but it looks like he is wearing man capris, his 24 month jeans fit him in length but are WAY TOO BIG in the waist and he has to wear a belt pulled VERY TIGHT. So between the belt and the snaps, he has to wear sweatpants to preschool. I keep telling him his brother is going to be wearing his clothes before he grows out of them.

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