Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby It's COLD Outside...

I mean COLD!! Like negative degrees COLD. My car said 0 degrees this morning, but I bet it doesn't register negative numbers. The news said it got to -15 overnight.

No wonder I FROZE all night long. I turned the heat up before I went to bed and threw an extra blanket over the boys' beds.

Our Siberian Husky wouldn't even go out. She's SIBERIAN, like from SIBERIA, it's COLD THERE!! I opened the door this morning for her and she just looked at me like 'Yea, right', and laid her head down.

How many days till Spring?


Cammie said...

my dog totally crapped on the floor last night because she would not go out in the snow.

Kelly said...

Wow...your dog would not even go out. (crazy temps)
I love the pretty snow, but wish it came with a bit warmer temps.
I am a fall girl myself.
Gotta love Ohio weather.