Thursday, January 1, 2009

News Years Day

Happy New Year's. Wow was it a great day. We went to my Mom and Dad's for the day. Do you know what that means? I didn't have to do a thing. Oh it was GREAT!

a-I didn't have to cook
b-I didn't have to dress up
c- I didn't have to take care of the boys.

My mom did all the cooking!! I didn't even have to make dessert, and I always have to make the dessert! I made Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner, I'm tired of cooking.

I can where yoga pants (no I don't DO yoga, I just like the pants) and an OSU t shirt. GO BUCKS!! PLEASE KICK SOME @## on MONDAY!!!

My Dad takes the big one and my Mom takes the little one and I can lay on the couch. I even took a 2.5 hr nap on the couch. Oh, it was GREAT!

M1 is spending the night at Mama & Paba's so I only have to take M2 home with me. Of it will be a great night too!

What's that? Leftovers are ready for consumption? Ok, I'll be right there.....

Oh, what a GREAT DAY!!!!

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