Friday, August 7, 2009

What NOT to do...

The things children with trachs should not do.

1. Do not bath in a bath tub, or with other children.


2. Do not where clothes that cover the trach such as, turtlenecks, button up shirts, or ties.


3. Do not play in the sand, beach or sandbox.


4. Do not where plastic bibs or bibs that can cover the trach and airway.


5. Avoid fuzzy or stuffed toys, as well as blankets.

(yes, I know, he is too old to have a bottle, I agree, but it makes him happy. He only has it at night, and I don't want to take it from him completely until after his surgery, b/c they will give him a bottle at the hospital)


6. Avoid animals with fine hair or that shed excessively.


7. No contact sports or rough-housing.


8. No swimming.

Yep, It's confirmed, I am so up for mother of the year!

***Please keep in mind that M2 was in NO danger at all during these activities. The swimming, baths and sand are the things we have to be the most careful of. He wears a cloth bib over his trach when in the sand box, and he is only allowed in it if an adult is sitting right there. Also he is not allowed in the sandbox if anyone else besides his brother is in it. Same rules go with the pool and bath time. Plus in the pool and bath he sits in the baby bath seat. The drs told us to keep our lives as normal as possible and that is exactly what we do, and all of these things are normal activities for our family!!!***


T Rex Mom said...

I think it is totally great that you make his life as normal as possible. I'm totally impressed that you can just integrate the trach into daily life.

Carin said...

I say Mother of the Year for sure! Seriously. How many parents would keep their child confined and have NO fun at all. Way to keep your life as normal as possible! You do a great job and are a great mom!

The Red Headed Mama said...

And he's so cute & happy doing all those forbidden things. WTG mommy :)