Saturday, August 22, 2009


I would like to update you on how things in the Complex Airway Unit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital are, but I don't know how they are. M2 isn't there.

I would like to tell you he is at home in his bed sleeping comfortably but he's not there either.

He is however at home, running around the living room like a crazy little boy, playing with all his new toys while watching Noggin and eating fish crackers and drinking milk!!

I guess that means he has recovered from surgery?!?!?

We got home around 3pm M does seem to be doing just fine. He is on modified liquids but is allowed to have any types of solids. He goes back to Cincinnati on Sept 30 for his follow up.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. So far so good


T Rex Mom said...

Yeah!! Such great news.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

This is wonderful news!!! HOORAY!!

Dee said...

First visit. Coming from SITS and I'm glad.

So wonderful to hear a good outcome.