Thursday, August 6, 2009

He Said What?

Last night I decided to take M1 to 'to store' to get his 'Big Boy Packpack' for preschool. He of course choose 'Light Queen'. As we were leaving 'to store' I ask M1 what he wants for dinner. He replies with "Well... we could go somewhere" Ok, where do you want to go, I ask. He points to Taco Bell and says "We could go to that Ringy Dingy place" If I hadn't of seen him pointing at the Taco Bell sign with the bell ringing I never would have known what he was talking about! It was all I could do to not laugh at him! I tell him he doesn't like the food there, he insists that he does in fact like the food at the 'Ringy Dingy place'.

After some discussion he decided on the 'Place with the lellow sign'. As we are sitting in the McDonald's drive thru waiting to order he repeats multiple times that I need to let him order. I told him I could handle it and order Happy Meals for he and M2. However his window was down and after I got my total, he screams "And don't forget 'to toy'!"

That kid cracks me up! For more "The Kids Said What" visit Cammie.


Aileigh said...

Too funny!!! :)

Cammie said...

smart little stinkers arent they?

Martha said...

Visiting from Cammie's blog, thanks for the cute stories. I played along too -