Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Presents

I want to wrap Christmas presents BAD!! I can hardly stand it I want to wrap presents so BADLY!! I can't stop thinking about wrapping presents!! I can just see the look on M1's face when he comes down stairs and sees everything wrapped.

I'm (theoretically) done Christmas shopping for the M's. Everything is packed into boxes and taped shut, and is hiding in the basement. I bought new tape and scissors and 'Cars' wrapping paper for all of M1's presents. I think M2's presents will be wrapped in Mickey and Elmo paper from years past. He just isn't old enough to be 'in love' with a character. Elmo and Mickey is what I picked for M1 in the past. This year however when I saw the 'Cars' paper for M1 it was like striking gold!!

I'm sure M2 would rather eat the paper and play in the boxes than pay attention to the toys, but I think M1 will really enjoy Christmas this year.

I just can't wait to wrap presents. I know if I start wrapping them now my Hubby when think I'm crazy. He already thinks I'm crazy, he'll think I'm crazier!!

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