Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so glad Halloween is over. I can finally take down all the festive and spirited (read:tacky) Halloween decorations and put up the ‘nice’ fall decorations. My Thanksgiving décor includes some beautiful fall colors. Birds, ribbons, turkeys etc. It is so much nicer than Halloween……..

I also joined the bandwagon and made 'Thankful' garland last night!!

Nearly all of my Thanksgiving deorations are new. Everything on the mantle except for the turkey and pilgriams (which my Dad made years ago) and the lamp (which is always there) was purchsed new and on clearance (yea!) this year!!

And we all know how much I love owls!! (See previous post) This one was $6 at Target!

These items are in our never used Family Room. The Turkey was on clearance last year at Cracker Barrel. I made the cornucopia, the pumkins
were 4 for $2.

I love Nutcrakers (wait till they all come out at Chrsitmas) so why not Thanksgiving ones??
I get to look at these little guy every night while I am doing dishes.

Now I just have to figure out what to serve for Thanksgiving Dinner, I'm thinking Bob Evans. Has anyone done the Thanksgiving take out from them before? Is it good?

And why do my walls look white? They aren't white.

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Kelly Deneen said...

Cute Thanksgiving decor! I took down my (tacky) Halloween decorations too. lol. I do have a handful of autumn decorations I was able to leave up though.

Just stopping in from SITS. :)