Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The things I hate about voting:
~Getting up before the sun to get to the polling place.
~Standing in line FOREVER!
~Listening to Chatty Cathy outside while waiting to vote. (Lady, shut the h*$% up, it is early, it is still dark out, it is cold, I have not had caffeine yet, I am tired, I have wet hair, I’m tired of standing, and I don’t give a F@$%!!)
~Getting harassed by people outside before you go into vote. (Aren’t there rules against this??)
~Standing in the ‘S’ line to register (Seriously, Why does my last name have to start with S???)
~ Getting harassed by people outside after you have voted. (Aren’t there rules against this??)

Things I like about voting:
~Free Starbucks after showing your sticker.

~Political Ads are OVER!!!!!

….Auh, The American Dream…….


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