Friday, September 25, 2009

Howdy Ya'll, Welcome to the Farm!

The Birthday Boy, this is my favorite picture of him!!
M1 likes tractors. A lot. So it was no surprise when he decided he wanted a 'tractor party'. I tried to convince him that a pirate theme would be much more fun (I had visions of a treasure hunt, complete with treasure chest) he insisted that he did in fact want a tractor party. So the John Deere invitations were sent out, and the house took on a farm theme.

The guests were welcomed by a sign, hay bale and tractor. Along with pumpkins, mums, corn stalks and scarecrow (which will stay up and double as fall decorations).

The decorations were pretty simple, we sponsored alter flowers at church the morning of the party. I had called the florist to see if the arrangements could be all yellow, to keep with the green and yellow of the John Deere tractors. They were nice enough to oblige. Here's a picture of one of the arrangements and one of the decorated tables. I literally just put vegetables from the garden on the tables and buffet for decoration and it turned out great (and cheap)!!

Keeping with the farm theme, I made a farm cake..

Close up or the barn...

I thought I had taken a picture of the buffet table but I guess not. We served hamburgers and hot dogs, pasta salad, cheese and crackers, chips, pretzels and dip and watermelon. It was a hit!

Thank goodness it was such a nice afternoon (Sept 13, I'm a little behind posting) and most of the party took place outside.

These two are going to worry me when they grow up...

M1 and all the presents...

Ready for cake and ice cream....

I the 'tractor party' turned out pretty good. The decorations were beyond easy, and cheap!!

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T Rex Mom said...

Wow! What a party! And that cake is truly amazing! I bet he'll remember this party for the rest of his life!