Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My NEW Mudroom

I've always wanted a Mud Room. When we decided to move last year, we didn't want to have to move again until the boys had left and we needed to downsize. And as with most people we had a LIST of stuff we wanted in our new house. A mud room was on my list, so was a craft room (I had one in the old house). However when we got an offer on our old house it was Jan 1, and we had to be packed and moved by Feb 9, and little M2 was due in March! Leaving not a lot of time for searching.

The moment we walked into our house I was instantly in love. It was exactly what I wanted. Except it didn't have a mudroom (or a craft room but that's another story).

After living there for a couple months I quickly decided that the first floor laundry "room" was not going to work out. And my mind started spinning. Hubby agreed that it wasn't working and told me to figure out what I wanted. I wanted a mudroom. But the laundry "room" was off the kitchen, and the door to the garage was around the corner by the front door. So Hubby and my Dad did what any good Do-It-Yourselfer would do. They moved our garage door to the laundry "room" instantly creating a Mudd Room!!

The room is a weird shape, kind if line an oblong triangle. I drew a picture of what I wanted and Viola! Hubby built me a mudroom!
That's the garage door to the right. My washer was where the 'built in' is and the dryer was where the door is. It was a tiny and cramped space. The washer and dryer have been moved to the basement. Right now it's an unfinished basement. But I'm sure that will change too!

Each family member has their own hook above the bench, Hubby also added an extra hook 'for guests'. Although I'm glad there is a hook for our guests I'm pretty sure that was a hint that he wants another M.

The built in is stocked full of baskets and is a great overflow for things from the pantry and the kitchen!

Here's a close up of one of the M's hooks. We bought a standard black hook from the hardware store and then I bought letters from the craft store and painted them black with polka dots. Just a fun little touch.
This is also where my key hook hangs, it all ties together pretty well. I think my Dad and Hubby did a great job in a very small space! Now if we could just get the garage cleaned out enough that we could park in it and actually use the mudroom that would be great!


T Rex Mom said...

Nice! And everything is SO organized. I love it!

Caitlin said...

i love it! I have always wanted a mudroom too for some reason! Maybe in my next house...

Amy said...

Love the mudroom! If only I could draw what I want in my house and have my husband go to work - ha! The little letters for everyone's name are a great touch! ;)

Carin said...

Aren't muc rooms the best! So glad you got yours. You've inspired me to think of ways to make a mud room here ( I miss the one from our last house). I really like the way you did the organizing too.

Heidi said...

Looks great! A mud room is on our list for our next home as well!

So, do you have 2 doors leading to your garage now?

Sheri said...

Oh that looks great! I have some letters but I can't find them!!!! (But my kids names spell out Damage...completely on accident, but completely RIGHT ON! LOL)

I have a room a month linky party going, check it out:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a great feeling to have everything in it's own [place!? Unfortunately the kiddos will still ask where their boots are!