Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mouse is in the House

A friend's daughter turned 4 last Friday and as always I was in charge of the cake. You may remember her sisters cake from here. This little one was having a Mickey/Minnie party. Minnie appeared in her best dress, pink and purple of course. I put pink food coloring in the cake mix and the cake was about the same color of pink as Minnie's dress.
It was a hit, she loved it.

And for her actual gift from us, a pink and purple tutu. Home made by yours truly...

with a princess crown to match!

Now I just have to make a tutu for M1's future wife, her birthday is fast approaching!

1 comment:

T Rex Mom said...

Wow! You are making me so excited to have a girl. How tough was the tutu to make? I'm thinking our little girl will need several and with matching fairy wings!

Amazing cake! No doubt she would love it!