Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Here in Buckeye Country Football Season started last Saturday. Our beloved Buckeyes have taken the field, and the season has started.
With Football Season comes a change in decor!! It's easy to decorate for a sport. Just show your team colors!! Just like the inch worm here.

These little guys were added to the Scarlet and Gray collection last year. I just love them. The big guy did have a buckeye around his neck but I think a squirrel stole it from him last year. I'll have to pick another from the Buckeye Tree and stick back on his necklace.

Yes, we have a Buckeye Tree.

New this year is a wreath for our front door. I struggle every year to find a 'not so tacky' scarlet and gray wreath. This year I think I have succeeded. I used the same idea as this wreath, and TA-DA!! I LOVE IT!

Also new this year is this GINORMOUS OSU Flag for the garage.

And of course, no garden is complete with out a Garden Gnome. This one just happens to be a Buckeye fan as well! And that garden flag we have had since the first year Hubby and I were married. It's looking a little bad but it's bad luck to change a flag in the middle of the season (or something like that) so it will be retired at the end of the season. Which hopefully (although doubtful) will last until January.On to the inside....
This little guy has decided to spend Football Season on my end table.

See the football decor here?
Need a closer look? The football is taking a break until next Saturday in my Scarlet and Gray Longaberger Basket.
And these are the Cat's Meow of the Buckeye Decor (HAHAHA, Get it?)
We have 5 doors leading into our kitchen and the Buckeye Cat's Meow sits on 3 of them. These guys are out year 'round.

Do you decorate for football season?


Julie said...

I love it!!! My house looks the same way and my husband and son feel the same way no changing flags after the season starts:)Go Bucks!!!O-H
Have a great football season:)

The Red Headed Mama said...

I guess this would be a bad time to say Go Blue? ;)

Please don't unfollow me. hehe

T Rex Mom said...

The wreathe and the lawn gnome are my favorites!

somedaycrafts said...

Your husbnad must love your "crafting." That is awesome!!!

somedaycrafts said...

I just added this to a post about crafting and decorating for men at Check it out!!!