Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me!

It's Not Me Monday!!

I did not change M2's poopy diaper on a bail of hay Saturday nite with nothing under him. I would never do that, I always change him on appropriate places like a changing table and laying on a changing pad!

We did not swing through McDonald's drive thru on Saturday afternoon and let the boys eat Happy Meals in their carseats so that we could save travel time by not stopping.

I did not complain to a store manager this weekend about how incredibly rude one of the workers at the store was to both me and her co-workers. That store manager did not in turn tell me that the worker was already on her way out and then proceed to fire her. I also did not get a very pretty fall flower arrangement from the store for my troubles!

I did not ask Hubby to dig out the Halloween tubs last night 'just in case' I want to look through them this weekend!

What did you not do this week?


Heidi said...

Love it! I have a friend that changed her son on the grass outside a public restroom, just because she felt it was cleaner! And the drive thru thing.....I would never do that! Shame on you for being NORMAL! :~) Thanks for the smile today!

Amy said...

Too funny! I enjoyed reading your post. No worries about changing your little one on the bale of's just called being resourceful. I've done my fair share of diaper changes in cars, on pavement, in the grass, and the list goes on and on....

Heidi said...

A straw bale is probably better than many of the alternatives!

Caitlin said...

Good for you for complaining about the employee- sounds like you weren't off base if she was fired! Their job is to make you happy, and if you're not happy...well... you should get a free fall arrangement! :) Well done.