Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Stuff...

Last night I discovered a whole new PAIN IN THE ASS.

Little M2 and I went to get him Easter Shoes after dinner. It was such a nice evening I had the windows down and the moon roof open. We stopped at a stop light and the car next to us had their windows down too. And the were smoking. CRAP! Cigarette smoke floats into my car, which means into M2's face and trach. CRAP!

Obviously he's not supposed to be around cigarette smoke, b/c his trach is basically an open hole into his lungs. For the most part that is pretty easy, we don't smoke, none of our friends and family smoke, and Ohio is smoke free in public places, ie restaurants, the zoo etc. But smoking in your personal car is fine. So I guess we aren't going to be able to drive with our windows down when he's in the car?!? Just can't take that chance.

We did get him Easter Shoes, by the way. Little black loafers. HOW CUTE!! He walked around the store in them. He had sweatpants on, so he looked kinda funny. HA. I can't wait to see both boys in their suits and black loafers.

This morning at Starbucks I saw a high school boy pull up and park, he was driving a mini van. I had to laugh at myself. I'm sure it was probably his mom's. I am SO going to buy a mini van just to make the M's drive it. HAHAHAHA, I bet they'll get all the chicks that way. HAHAHAHA

The lady in front if me at Starbucks this morning bought a juice box for her kid. How much did THAT cost?? Seriously.


Cammie said...

that sucks about the smoke stuff. I dont get people who put that crap in their bodies on purpose.

Caitlin said...

Teenage boy in a minivan?! I love it!!! I'm am so going to do that to Joseph! Although, my husband pointed out, that big cars make for more room to lay down...

T Rex Mom said...

I agree with Caitlin, no vans or minivans for our kids for that reason. Plus, I still have visions of my brother with my mom's van hanging partially off a cliff.

The smoke thing is horrible - hopefully M2 was alright.

You'll have to post some photos of the Easter shoes on M2.

Have a great day. I'll be mailing your stuff in the next day or so.

Melissa said...

Oh I hate smoking! It's so unfair that you can't drive with your windows down because of someone else's nasty habit. I bet your boys are going to look so cute in their little suits! I still haven't found Aiden a pair of shoes to wear with his. I need to get on that one. Quick!