Friday, May 15, 2009

BFF... It's finally Friday!!

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~Ok, seriously, I think I'm getting depressed over this whole job thing. I feel like our lives are ruined. I know people get laid off and pay cuts happen all the time, especially in this economy. I get it. But what pisses me off, is that our company (of 9 employees, including the 2 owners) made over 2 mill last year. Clear profit. WTF, where did that money go??? Why do I have to take a pay cut??? And along with that paycut they changed our 401K, they no longer participate, and doubled the cost of our insurance. Total, I'm losing over $600 per month, and I still have to work 40 hours a week. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Actually I change my mind, I don't think I'm depressed, I'm just PISSED OFF!!

~I totally think my office is a Hostile Work Environment. I HATE GOING THERE EVERYDAY!! Nobody talks to anybody. I HATE GOING THERE. And I never felt like that until last week.

~To those of you that have been laid off, about what % of your salary do you receive on unemployment? I really think I might have been further ahead to be laid off. I wouldn't have to pay as much in Cobra, and I could spend some extra time with my boys. How fun would that be!

~On a slightly lighter note, I got a part time job! Yep, I will be the (not so) chipper sales girl at Bath & Body works. Of course with this job comes evening and weekend work, which means less time to see my Boys. Yea, that's not a lighter note at all, that sucks.

~Oh, I do have a lighter note, I'm leaving work at 3 today to go scrapbooking with some girl friends until midnight! YIPPEEEE!!

~Tomorrow is out next door neighbors Birthday Party, he and M1 are about the same age, they play together almost every day. Both boys are invited, I think they will both have a lot of fun.

I guess this isn't really a BF, this is more of an I HATE MY JOB POST!


Aileigh said...

I am so sorry... I understand the feeling. Our company is 20 employees and I do the financials every year. The reason for no raises this past year was because "the price of gas has come down." Ha! BS I tell ya! Hang in there!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I don't get it either. I'm sorry that this happened! Here's praying that your Etsy store takes off and you can quit your jobs to make crafts all day and make money from it!

T Rex Mom said...

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Truly. It is one of the hardest things - difficulties at work.

At least you are setting an example to your kids of someone who works hard to provide.

I have intentionally not gone back to work after being laid off. Reason being it would cost about $1500 a month for T Rex to be in day care. I would rarely see him and bring home, after taxes, maybe an extra $200 a month - not even enough for monthly groceries. We did not feel it was worth the effort.

Last year 60% of our income went to pay taxes - we're not rich, folks. Something is wrong with that equation!

Could you can look into some other options like a house refinance or home equity loan?

I'm going back to school and will be taking out student loans to do so. There's another option.

My hubby's company did the same thing to him - cut his pay 10%, changed our medical insurance, and stopped matching the 401K. He says morale is so low at work. That might be what causing it to be a hostile work environment.

Take care and you can get through this.

Sending positive thoughts you way.

Would more Country Bob's help? Two bottles showed up yesterday!

Sturgmom said...

It really stinks that you are going to have to work another job. I'm so sorry. As a working mom, I know I would be so sad if I had to leave my children all day and THEN again in the evenings. I will be praying for you that things will improve!

Carin said...

Oh how incredible frustrating! I can well imagine you are angry. working in a hostile environment is difficult in so many ways. Hang in there during those tough times.

I hope the girls night scrapbooking helped! sounds like a wonderful time.