Friday, May 8, 2009

Let it rip....

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Source: Jaci,
Ravings of a Mad Housewife

~One year ago today, M2 came home from the hospital for the second time. He was seven weeks old. Last Friday I told you he came home a year ago then for the first time. He was only home for about 18 hours the first time.
~Hubby and my Dad are building the M's a swing set this weekend. Not like the cheap, crappy metal ones that rusts like the one I had growing up. Oh no, they are getting one of the fancy smancy cedar ones, with a canopy and rock climbing wall that will last for like 80 years. I still have a scar down the front of my knee from one of the screws on my cheap, crappy metal rusty swing set. Bitter, Party of 1.....

~I went back to ENT this week, I have to have surgery for my deviated septum. Holy Crap, that's the last thing I need right now. I blame the M's. I don't know whose hard head did the blow to the nose (no pun intended, HA) to cause the deviated septum, so they both get the blame.

~We are having a company meeting at noon today. There will be cutbacks. I am terrified. I thought the economy was supposed to be getting better?

~Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mothers in Bloggy Land!!

~Does anyone else have 'spacing issue' fights with blogger when it's time to start a new paragraph? AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!


Sarah said...

Popping in from SITS - you have one cute little man there - and yes Blogger likes to put a ton of spaces around photos to - or photos around the wrong way - just lovely!
Have a wonderful day!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm with you on blogger spacing. I found a way around it.

Do you post in word and "cut and paste" into blogger. You can't right click, you have to use the CTRL short cuts (CTRL + X to cut, etc). But it helps. : )

Happy Mom's day to you!

natalie said...

Good luck with the meeting!! :)

Sturgmom said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

I will be praying that everything goes OK with your job!

Brindi said...

I hate Blogger's spacing. As a person who's a little anal about spacing, it drives me nuts! I will have to try the trick in your comments.

Caitlin said...

M2 was a BEAUTIFUL baby!
Good luck with the meeting- and yes, I have spacing issues too. What is that?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope your company meeting goes well and you don't have any bad news.

Rachael said...

I do randomly have spacing issues with blogger. Usually you can fix it by editing the HTML - look for div> tags.

I hope that the meeting went okay and you are still employed!

A Cheap Chick said...

Hi! I'm following Mr. Linky from Jaci's place to see all the other BFFs.

Nice blog! Regarding the spacing issues, I have tons of them. I can only hit "publish" and have a finished product about 10% of the time. My stuff never accepts the top or bottom spacing until about the third try. If you are using MS Word to cut and paste you may want to try notepad, that solved a few of my problems, plus, Feedburner has a hard time reading posts cut and pasted from Word.

I'm off to visit the other BFFs... Have a great weekend!

The Wrenns said...

Ya know, Jennifer Aniston had surgery to correct her deviated septum, and she came out smokin' hot. Suggest you try out her doctor!

Sorry to hear about stress at work--hopefully it turns out OK for you. Just keep your nose up! (I hope I'm not offending you with the nose comments--had a few to drink tonight. Rough week for me at work as well.)