Thursday, May 28, 2009


Blog Farts – noun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half assed, post. see also: memes, surveys.Source: Jaci, Ravings of a Mad Housewife

**I admit it, I am totally addicted to this who John & Kate drama. I have always liked the show, I've watched it from the beginning. It is the only reality show I watch. Granted the Duggers the Roloffs and the Little Couple get thrown in there every now and again if there is nothing else on to watch, but John & Kate, I've watched them religiously from the very beginning. Leading up the season premier last week I had been reading all the tabloids and watching the video clips online, but I totally thought it was a publicity stunt for the premier. But after watching it, I'm not so sure it was just a stunt. I know they 'signed up for it' but I kinda feel bad for both of them. And I know there will be backlash, I really feel bad for her. She looked to have pretty much been left alone with the kids in the episode. Man, I can hardly wait for Monday's show.

**Does anyone watch the Cake Boss? Srsly, that show rocks. It has been added to my list of regulars. Dude Cracks.Me.Up. I now am watching 2 reality shows. Thanks TLC.

**I started a new quilt design/project last night, and stayed up to late working on it, now I'm tired.

**Have no fear, I still HATE MY JOB. I've sent out dozens of resumes, but hasn't everyone else? I've had one interview, but so far that's it.

**I have at work. Wed. and Thur. I read a book. I mean an entire book, each day. Don't worry I have a new book to read today. If I could just bring my sewing machine in that would be great. I have a lot of projects to work on.

**Today is M1's last day of preschool for the summer. I really think he is going to miss going. I also think Mamaw is going to miss him going. When he's at preschool she gets a break!! Next year he'll go 3 days a week so that will be good for them both.

I made this for M1 to give to my girlfriend that takes him to preschool. I went to college with her husband, and we now live 4 houses away from each other. Their daughter and M1 were in the same class this year, and will be next year too. She offered to take M1 for me. It has been a great help. He might not have gotten to go if it weren't for her. She's a Starbucks addict, like me, and I got the idea for the flower pin from Grace Violet.


T Rex Mom said...

Love the thank you gift and would love to see the quilt too!

Caitlin said...

Oh My Gosh, I totally feel the same way about Jon and Kate! I don't even have cable, so I had to watch crappy Youtube versions of the episode- and I cried and cried! Poor kate! The poor kids! I used to get annoyed at how Kate treated Jon (but loved it too- you know?) but now Jon seems to be the creepy slimeball.
And when Alexis said that she didn't want her Daddy to leave anymore? WAAAHHHH!! I may have audibly sobbed.
So yeah, I feel ya.

Anonymous said...

I need your help to finish my quilt project. The top is done, but I need to actually quilt it to the back. I did one myself before and it was JACKED UP. I'm scared to try!

Sturgmom said...

It's one thing ot have ot work and quite another to have a job where you don't DO anything. It sounds nice to be able to read all day, but coming from someone who's been there, I would have WAY preferred to be home with my babies rather than sitting and doing NOTHING all day. How frustrating. Praying that you find something better soon!

Anonymous said...

oh, what books are you reading? anything good?

Carin said...

We don't watch TV here, but whenever I go to my moms I always HAVE to check to see if John & kate are on. It's fun to watch! Really anything on TLC. Hope your work situation gets better and something comes through for you!

Shannon said...

I haven't done a BFF post in awhile... I kinda miss it! Sometimes random posts are the best :)

I feel badly for Jon & Kate, too... yes, on one hand they did agree to have cameras follow their lives... BUT on the other hand, I think the scrutiny they're under isn't fair...

Dejoni said...

I'm thinking of covert ways you could sneak your sewing machine into work...LOL! Maybe a huge briefcase??? That is hilarious. If you had a calculator you could set the tape dispenser on a button so it would continuously make noise to drown out the sewing machine running.
If I come up with any better ideas...I'll get back to you.